The Lodge

The Lodge is a place where you’ll find happy people doing happy things!

Our heated indoor Swimming Pool is in the lodge. Our quality outdoor ping pong table is on the lodge deck.

Hungry? We have a restaurant and dining room in the lodge, where you can enjoy excellent pizza, many flavors of hand scooped ice cream and frozen glass mugs of root beer on tap. Try our root beer float and get free refills of root beer until your ice cream is gone!  Now that’s a treat!!

Ice Cream! Many different flavors of delicious hand scooped ice cream, which includes Vanilla, Chocolate, Mint Chocolate Chip, Moose Tracks, Strawberry Cheesecake and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. We carry a variety of candy bars.

Our gift shop offers hats, t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, stuffed animals, toys, fishing tackle like hooks, sinkers and bobbers, limited groceries, lake maps, post cards, self lighting charcoal and a wide variety of soda pop. Get a t-shirt that describes the nine lake chain. Need a fresh cup of coffee? Come in the lodge and ask…we’ll have your fresh cup of coffee brewed within minutes.

Enjoy the taxidermy in our gift shop. One mount has six Northern Pike that are each 42 to 47 inches long….each between 22 and 29 pounds!  You’ll also find other taxidermy, such as a Beaver, plus a 33 inch Walleye and some really big Sunfish and Bluegills.

We enjoy an annual Fishing Contest. No cost to enter, get your name in our permanent records if you catch a big fish. Guests enjoy coming to the Lodge to review the daily updated standings, as we post the ten biggest of nine different fish species nearly every day all summer long. Lots of great kids and adults have their names in our big fish record books. In each cabin, our Welcome Book shows the Fishing Contest results for every year all the way back to 2008. Plus, it shows the Biggest Ten of each species caught by our guests since 2008. Check ’em out when you get here!  And keep fishing every minute you can….it only takes one fish to break a record!

Questions? Come to the Lodge

Thank You!

Deb and Mike Trachta
Owners and Managers since 2007
Oak Haven Resort

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