Two Heated Swimming Pools

Enjoy our two heated swimming pools during the summer. Both of our pools have NEW HEATERS. Every day during the summer, we test a water sample from each pool, and add accurate amounts of needed chemicals for your safety. Both pools are maintained at 85 to 88 degrees. Enjoy the outdoor pool…then when you’ve had enough sun…..enjoy the indoor pool.

2021 Indoor Pool:         Open Friday, June 18 to Monday, Sept. 6
2021 Outdoor Pool:      Open Friday, June 18 to Monday, Sept. 6

We test and adjust the chemical balance in both pools every day, to meet safe levels as deemed necessary by the State of Minnesota. Our goal is to keep our indoor heated pool water at 85 to 88 degrees. You will find our pools to be much more comfortable (and dependable!) than the lake water. 

Vacation at Oak Haven!

Deb and Mike Trachta
Owners and Managers since 2007

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