Boat Rental

Bring your boat…get a reserved docking spot that has electricity. We have a cement boat ramp. We sell 91 octane fuel for boats. You can explore nine different lakes.  When you rent a cabin weekly…there’s no extra cost for your boat to be brought in. We do not sell fishing licenses.


If you would like to rent a fishing boat, (we serve our registered guests only) we have two 14 footers and two 16 footers that all have a graph (fish finder), a live well and an electric bilge pump. (To pump the rain out)  All four boats have a flat floor (rain water runs under the floor). This floor adds stability when you stand and it helps keep your feet dry.

The 14 footers are “tiller” models where the driver sits in the back of the boat. These are 5-person capacity boats, but we recommend 2 to 4 persons. Bench seating. These boats are equipped with a 25 hp Mercury outboard motor.

The two 16 footers are console models with a steering wheel. We have two 16′ boats. Each has a 40hp Mercury outboard motor. Each 16′ boat has 3 pedestal seats.


Built in Canada to appease the needs of the north woods angler, we use well built quality Princecraft fishing boats. Each of our fishing boats has a Mercury outboard motor. Our rental fishing boats come with life jackets, dip net, anchor with at least 50 feet of braided rope, plus quality dock ropes. Though we equip our boats with night lights, guests who rent them are asked to use them during daylight hours.


Got a group that likes to fish together? Rent our 25′ pontoon. It has a graph and a live well. It also has a long handled net and a good anchor. Our pontoon is primarily used for fishing. It’s rated for up to 14 adults. Rent it for 5 days (Sunday through Thursday) during your weekly stay at Oak Haven.


Book a weekly…Saturday to Friday vacation with us, and you can bring in your boat at no additional cost. We have a cement boat ramp and you’ll be given a reserved docking spot where you have access to electricity if needed. Big Cabin #11 is allowed two boats to be brought in at no additional cost. If you need to plug in your boat at night, bring your own extension cord. Additional boats brought in, or those staying for less than a week shall be charged $15 to launch, plus $15 per day or $50 per week.



25′ Pontoon……$990 – 5 days. (Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu)
Not available for daily rental.  Serving Our Registered Guests Only.
Up to ten adult life jackets will be provided at no cost. Capacity – 14 adults.
50 hp 16′ Princecraft Fishing Boat (black and tan) – equipped w/40 hp Mercury, electric start – $595 per week.
Live well, graph, bilge pump, anchor, dock ropes, life jackets.
Capacity – 5 adults.  We recommend 3 or 4 adults.
50 hp 16′ Princecraft Fishing Boat (red and tan) – equipped w/40 hp Mercury, electric start – $595 per week.
Live well, graph, bilge pump, anchor, dock ropes, life jackets.
Capacity – 6 adults.  We recommend 3 or 4 adults.
25 hp 14′ Princecraft Fishing Boat – equipped w/25 hp Mercury – $475 per week.
Live well, graph, bilge pump, anchor, dock ropes, life jackets. We have two of these.
Capacity 5 adults.  We recommend 2 or 3 adults.




Enjoy our 25 foot – 14 adult capacity (1950 lb. capacity) pontoon fishing boat. Perfect for large groups. (Sun Tracker Signature Series Party Barge) This pontoon has a 50 horse 4-stroke motor. It has a graph (fish finder/depth finder), electric start and a live well. New upholstery in 2013. It is for cruising and fishing. (No ladder) If you have a big group visiting Oak Haven, please consider our pontoon. It’s very stable. Lots of room to walk around and stretch your legs. Our pontoon comes with an anchor, a long handled dip net, a docking assistance pole and quality dock ropes. We will provide up to ten adult life jackets at no cost. Book a weekly stay in a cabin (4PM Saturday to 9AM Friday)…and rent our pontoon weekly. (5 days – Sunday through Thursday)


We rent our boats to Oak Haven Registered Guests only. We ask that our rental boats and pontoon be used during daylight hours. If you are staying Saturday to Friday, we require our rental fishing boats and pontoon be docked and cleaned out by 6 PM Thursday evening, (or the night before your departure) to allow time for re-fueling and final invoice preparation. If you are staying with us Saturday to Friday, we ask that you pay your final invoice by 7 PM Thursday evening. If you reserve a boat, (or a cabin) then choose not to use it, you are still required to pay for it.  (Policy since 2008) Thank You.


Our Canoes and sit-on-top kayaks are free for our registered guests to use during the ten week summer period.  All kids and adults must properly wear life jackets when using our canoes or sit-on-top kayaks and there’s no horse play allowed. Users are required to turn over the canoes and sit-on-top kayaks on the beach after each use…to keep out rain water. (Thank You!) The next person who wishes to use it will be glad you did. 

Matthew and Sarah Albers
Oak Haven Resort & Campground


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